About Online Photo Editor

Have you ever given a thought to what photo service of coming digital age has to be like? Who is about to replace all those "Quick Service Systems" once traditional photography been dead? If you have digital camera and a photo printer; do you need an intermediate? No, mostly you need not. But there are some cases when your images need some editing:

  • no camera can guarantee all snapshots to be perfect
  • the reality itself is not perfect and need a correction now and then

That's where online photo editor can help you. Upload your photographs and your specific editing instructions to digiCollage.com and get edited photos via email within 2 days.

For advanced users (photographers, publishers) were developped
PRO solutions:

  • photos can be remotely edited without compression
  • users can fine-tune final feel and look of edited photograph
To see examples of what can I do and ordering instructions go here.

The same for advanced users can be found here.


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