Terms of Use

By submitting order to digiCollage customers agree to the following terms:

1) Customers upload (send) to digiCollage their images, editing instructions and valid email addresses; digiCollage edits customers' images according to customers' instructions and delivers previews for completed images to respective addresses within 2 business days.
Continued customers receive full versions of edited images, then pay.
2) Optionally customers may send orders via conventional mail attaching films, prints or digital image files written to comact disks. Edited images delivered as digital images written to compact disks and/or prints.
3) digiCollage doesn't require advance payments for image editing; customers may evaluate preview images and decide whether they want to purchase the full version or not.
Note: digiCollage may change this term without notice at any time.
4) Customers pay for edited images online. VISA and Master Card accepted. Other payment options are negotiable.
5) Full versions of edited JPEG images delivered within 1 business day after payment via email.
In case customer choose mail route, payment and shipping details have to be negotiated.
6) digiCollage may reject:
- unproperly filled orders (no image or very bad image attached; no comment or unrelevant comment; no valid email address)
- orders for pornographic collages
- orders for collages that may seem rude and/or offensive to depicted person(s)
- orders from children under 18 years (unless they ask grown-ups to make order)
- orders from customers, who have not paid for previous order.
digiCollage reserves the right to reject any order, with or without cause.
7) digiCollage makes reasonable efforts to handle customer images in a manner that avoids access to them or misuse of them by unauthorized parties.
8) digiCollage doesn't require customers' personal information except for delivery address. Free email services are OK.
9) digiCollage guarantees using customers' photographs exclusively for processing of corresponding collages and customers' email addresses for delivery purposes only.
10) Access to completed collages will be limited to Andrei Doubrovski (currently the only digiCollage staff member), digiCollage customers and third-parties whose e-mail address the customer has provided.
11) digiCollage cannot assure security with respect to persons who have obtained access to customer's email account from the customer - customers are responsible for transactions made with customer's email accounts.
12) digiCollage cannot guarantee security of customers images in route. Customers asked to choose as secure routes as they feel necessary.
13) digiCollage will report any unlawful use or abuse of its services to authorities and will prosecute unlawful conduct (including threats thereof) to the fullest extent of the law.
14) digiCollage may change these terms without notice from time to time. Please visit this page often for updates and changes.