Privacy Policy

1) digiCollage makes reasonable efforts to handle customer images in a manner that avoids access to them or misuse of them by unauthorized parties.
2) digiCollage doesn't require customers' personal information except for delivery address.
3) digiCollage guarantees using customers' photographs exclusively for processing of corresponding collages and customers' email addresses for delivery purposes only.
4) Access to completed images will be limited to Andrei Doubrovski (currently the only staff member), digiCollage customers and third-parties whose e-mail address the customer has provided.
4) digiCollage does not use "cookies" (small pieces of data placed on a computer hard drive) to identify customers.
5) digiCollage does not have a database of individual profiles for each visitor.
6) digiCollage cannot assure security with respect to persons who have obtained access to customer's email account from the customer - customers are responsible for transactions made with customer's email accounts.
7) digiCollage cannot guarantee security of customers images in route. Customers asked to choose as secure routes as they feel necessary.