digiCollage: photo manipulations

Video-tutorials for Adobe Photoshop and Photoshop Elements users


How to get uncompressed images edited within 2 days

Suppose you want to edit "Your Image.TIF" file.

1. Save JPEG copy of your original TIF file with the same resolution and dimensions in pixels. We don't need a high quality copy for the purpose; so do choose medium to low file size / quality in "JPEG Options" dialog box (see example »).

2. Send this JPEG file (let it be "Your Image copy.JPG") and your specific editing instructions to me

3. Within 2 days you receive via email "Your Actions.ATN" file - Photoshop action set created specially to edit "Your Image.TIF" file right on your computer; save it to hard disk

4. Run Photoshop

5. Open your original "Your Image.TIF" file (File > Open...)

5. Open Actions palette (Window > Show Actions)

6. Load received "Your Actions" set:
click on small arrow button on the right-top of Actions palette and select "Load Actions..."
(see example »)

7. Loaded actions will appear in the Actions palette (see example »)

8. Select "Your Image.TIF"

9. Hit "playback" button on Actions palette.

10. In a few seconds (sometimes minutes) your image is edited; all cahanges in separate layers.

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