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Solutions for advanced users

This section is intended for photographers and publishers. If you work with images professionally and know how to use Adobe Photoshop or Photoshop Elements, why ask someone else to edit your photographs? Well, probably because:
- I can save your time
- I edit problem areas (under- / overexposure, sun glare, excessive color etc.) separately, masking images manually; it's real handwork
- You can control final feel and look of edited image; you are the author.

What can I do for you:
- retouch dust and scratches on your scans
- fix under- / overexposed areas
- fix colors
- retouch a model's skin
- tone down sun glare
- hide flash reflections on teeth, eyes, glasses
- open a person's eyes on event photos
- fix a model's hair, dress etc.
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How does it work? There may be the following solutions:

1. To get JPEG image (eg. for web publication) edited within 2 days send image file(s) and your editing instructions to me via email; edited images are delivered via Internet in JPEG format.

2. To get your uncompressed (TIF, PSD, Camera RAW) file(s) edited within 2 days send to me JPEG copy of original TIF file; edited image will be delivered as Photoshop action file(s) optimized for your Photoshop / Photoshop Elements version. When played on your computer, the action auto-edits your original uncompressed file; as result you get a layered and/or masked image; so you can fine-tune all the changes to your taste.

Important! Not all types of eding available as Photoshop actions. Extensive retouching and painting works can be delivered as image files only.

3. To get uncompressed (TIF, PSD, Camera RAW) file(s) edited within 30 days send to me your images - at least 10 files written to CD's - via mail; edited images delivered as layered/masked PSD files on CD's.

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