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About Image Editor's Shop

digiCollage is an online image editor's shop invoked to process customers' photos via internet. Why you may want this kind of service? If you have digital camera and a photo printer; do you need an intermediate? No, mostly you don't. But there are some cases when your images need some editing:

  • no camera can guarantee all snapshots to be perfect
  • the reality itself is not perfect and need some correction
    now and then
  • all of us still have old good pre-digital photos in our albums;
    the older image the more it want restoration

That's where the online image editor's shop can help you. Upload (send) your JPEG image and your specific editing instructions to digiCollage and get it edited within 2 days via email.

Optionally you can send film, prints or uncompressed (TIF, PSD) image files written to CD via snail mail.

For imaging professionals (photographers, publishers) PRO solutions are available:

  • images can be remotely edited and delivered without
    compression within 2 days; details...
  • user can fine-tune final feel and look of edited image; details...

And at last, if you wish to edit images on your own, but don't know how, do take a look at our Photoshop course. The tutorials are illustrated with 243 movie clips that show you around Photoshop instead of boring you to death with lengthy and obscure instructions.

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