What is digiCollage

generally speaking
digiCollage is an online image editor's shop invoked to process customers' photos via internet. Why you may want this kind of service? If you have digital camera and a photo printer; do you need an intermediate? No, mostly you don't. But there are some cases when your images need some editing:

  • no digital camera can guarantee all snapshots to be perfect
  • the reality itself is not perfect and need editor's touch now and then
  • all of us still have old good pre-digital photos in our albums;
    the older image the more it want restoration

Here is where online image shop can help you. Upload (send) your pictures and your specific editing instructions to digiCollage. I process your order and email edited image back. Share it with your friends, publish it on the Web, print it out.

In case you prefer to send film, prints or uncompressed (TIF, PSD) image files written on CD via conventional mail, please contact me for ordering details. Edited images will be delivered the same way (mail route though takes 7-15 days).

For imaging professionals (photographers, publishers) were developed PRO solutions:

  • images can be remotely edited and delivered without compression within 2 days
  • user can fine-tune final feel and look of edited image

who am i?
I'm just a human being, not a robot. My name is Andrei Doubrovski. I'm based in Russia, Chelyabinsk. Currently I process all orders single-handedly, manage the site and accounting as well.

Owner and coordinator of the project is Andrei Doubrovski,
an Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)
in Photoshop CS.
Contact Andrei

how does it work?
It is as simple as that. Just fill all required fields of online order form out, attach your digital photograph(s); describe what want me to make with your pictures and submit it. You will receive a preview for edited image on specified email account within 48 hours. If you like the result you can buy the full version of edited image online. It will be delivered within 24 hours via email.
In case you prefer mail route,
please contact me for details.

Not accepted:
- unproperly filled orders (no image or very bad image attached; no comment or unrelevant comment; no email address)
- orders for pornographic images
- orders for collages that may seem rude and/or offensive to depicted person(s)
- orders from children under 18 years old (unless they ask grown-ups to make order)
- if customer have not paid for previous order

digiCollage reserves the right to reject any order, with or without cause.